gzWorld is getting bigger! We are moving and housewarming party is coming with next competition! :-)

We are happy to say that GreenZoners activity is so high that we need to find new, more spacy location for our gzWorld!

Relocation will take place on 29th gzDay at 03:00:00 AM. Until this date some small problems may occur so please be patient :) .

First 5000 GreenZoners who will fulfill following conditions:

  • will log in as the first, just after relocation time 29th gzDay at 03:00:00 AM
  • and have invited at least 5 friends who have registered on GreenZoner

will get 65 EEP and 3 invitations more!  :-).

Welcome to the new, more spacy, greener and warmer home!

Keep Green and we are going to celebrate tonight, join us :-)

[30th gzDay] This contest is finished. Thanks to everyone who logged on just after the three having been invited and registered five friends.Winners  got 65 EEP and 3 additional invitations. Congratulations!


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