It is cleaning time in gzWorld so, if you left some rubbish, read it!

Pit found that some users have been creating fake accounts to get additional EEP.

We take this as an infringement of the gzWorld ecosystem, besides this we do not accept energy wasting!

That’s why in next 10 gzDays, all GreenZoners who created fake accounts:

  • will lost EEP that they collected for those accounts
  • will lost access to fake accounts
  • will receive an written warning  from Pit about ecosystem infringement: if it happen again, user will be deleted and IP will be blocked for 30 gzDays

We do not accept any one who will break gzWorld ecosystem rules, because eco is not only about greenness it is also about honesty against others GreenZoners.

! All who  do  not have any fake account will get 50 EEP and 5 additional invitations!:-)

Honesty is the best policy :-)

Keep Green! Pit The First


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