GzRedemption (6.1.12) [sfîrșit]

A luat sfirsit si al 2-lea redeem de pe greenzoner.

Sincere felicitari catre pukea, care a cistigat sony mp4!

Lista premiilor cistigate de utilizarorii din Moldova:

Sony PSP Go

Nintendo Wii

Nikon coolpix

Sony Mp4 player

De asemenea felicitari tuturor utilizatorilor din Moldova, pentru ca anume Moldova a cistigat cele mai multe premii in acest redemption!


In this Redemption the most sucessfull users were from… Moldovia, the country with one of the most greenest capital in Europe

Asteptam e-mail-urile cu confirmari.

Iata unul din email-uri:


“Congratulations Max!!!
You won the Sony PSP GO, the Nintendo Wii, the Nikon Coolpix S4150! Have I good memore? Did you win Ipod las time? How you did it, dude? 🙂

We’ll contact with you to deliver your prizes (now we chose the best way of delivering).

Be greenzoner, make Earth greener!

Best regards

Greenzoner.com Team

When you got your prize, please make a video about it, publish on youtube and send a link to us. If you won’t do this, we will must delete your account and make it impossible for you to play for prizes in the future.”

Apropo vad citiva cititori noi, succes si voua 😉


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